And so it Begins…

            Welcome to “The Past, Present, and Future.”  This site is the chosen delivery of my collection, “compilation,” of free verse poetry.  Less than a year ago, an event in my life prompted me to write this collection.  That event also shaped my decision to create this site.  With the collection now complete, I have decided to publish the work for everyone to view free of charge.  I wrote the collection on a computer with a Linux operating system using Google’s word processor.  With that being the case, it made sense to publish the work using a free blog from WordPress.  I believe a new age is dawning, and the media relics of the past, and present, are fading.  With that in mind,  I will publish all 70 poems in the collection on a daily basis beginning February 3, 2013.  And so it begins….


7 thoughts on “And so it Begins…

  1. Hi Cody, thanks for reading one of my poems. I dropped by and read your collections, so far, and thoroughly enjoyed my visit here. Am looking forward to the rest.

    1. Thanks for visiting my site and reading through my collections. I am happy that you have enjoyed my poems.

    1. The date is significant. Throughout the entire collection it manifests itself in a variety of ways. In the end, the amount of manifestations will be significant as well. It is too earlier yet, though, to reveal everything….

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