Into the Great Abyss

this world is not about you
it never was

the children are undereducated
the forests are burning
the world is dying

and all you can think about
is you

it began with a boom
and still continues
now it is the way of things

with eyes wide-open
we march into the great abyss

by Cody McCullough


Nero’s Future

Living a lifetime in the dark,
Leaves a man weak.

Hindered by this deception,
The spirit diminishes.

One act of kindness,
Leaves a man strong.

Understanding the lie,
Lifts the spirit.

The future become bright,
The shackles release.

Nero no longer fears,
Agrippina’s grip.

The future will change,
At the hands of the willing.

by Cody McCullough

Photo by Elizabeth McCullough

The Kingdom of Heaven

Many millennia ago,
We first heard of the Kingdom of Heaven.
But still, we are left asking,
What is this kingdom?

Is it the eternal resting place?
Will it be God’s Kingdom on Earth?
We are no closer now,
Than then, to understanding.

In the future, perhaps, we will grasp
That it is not a resting place, or future kingdom.
Instead, it is something
That resides within us all.

The inner strength that leads a man to stand up
Against the ruling elite and their underlings,
For what is right for the people.
Even in the face of certain death.

Without this strength,
We could never press for change.
Instead, we would be at the mercy of tyrants,
And their quest to own everything and everyone.

by Cody McCullough

Population Zero

For more than three billion years,
Life had existed on Earth.
Now, it is gone.

Two billion years ago,
Life exploded with the evolution of the nucleus.
Now, it is gone.

Six hundred million years ago,
Animals formed and began to rule.
Now, they are gone.

For nearly two hundred million years,
Giants roamed the land.
Now, they are gone.

Two hundred thousand year ago,
Homo Sapiens first walked upon this Earth.
Now, we are gone.

Today the Earth became barren again;
The war spared no one, and nothing.
Now, everything is gone.

What a beautiful world it was;
Perhaps, the greatest miracle ever in a sea of darkness.
Now, it is gone.

by Cody McCullough

Photo by Elizabeth McCullough

The United Democratic Republicans

Washington spoke of unity many years ago.
Others said they supported the idea,
But political division has carried the day.

Presently, all unity has faded.
Like the reign of Julius Caesar,
Daggers are everywhere.

From these perilous times,
We can only hope for another Washington
To rescue us from our period of division.

A United Democratic Republican party could be this savior.
After all, most of us live in the middle,
Not on the fringes with the modern plebeians and patricians.

Perhaps, though, this is too much to hope for;
Our current political parties are too strong.
How could we change things now?

by Cody McCullough

Photo by Elizabeth McCullough

The Answer

How bizarre,
To imagine a world without me.
Surely, life will go on.

But the only world I know,
Is viewed through my eyes.
What will happen when they close forever?

Some look for the answer in death,
Others look for the answer in life.
I only look for the answer.

by Cody McCullough

Photo by Cody McCullough

The New Generation

The times have changed.
The past is dead,
But its ghost still remains.
It will not die.

From the grave, it grasps.
Pulling down the confused,
And empowering the few.
Humbly, the majority look on.

Only when all are aware,
Will it retreat to the grave
And finally be laid to rest
Beneath the feet of the new generation.

by Cody McCullough

IMG_0629 (2)
Photo by Elizabeth McCullough