The Journey Continues…

The sky was an ominous charcoal color and
Smoke filled my lungs, as I set out to climb
A rocky peak with close companions.

The eve of another journey was at hand.
So we had gathered one last time,
To share paths in a dusty land.

The ascent would be the crux
Of our history together;
Though, no one knew it at the time.

I was already searching for a new path,
So I walked slowly and lagged behind.
One by one, my companions left me.

Soon, only my younger brother remained.
He wanted to proceed, but was obligated to stay.
Eventually, even he disappeared into the smoky air.

My companions all reached the summit that day.
I, was the only one that did not.
It was not my mountain to climb.

Many years have passed since that day,
And we have all gone our separate ways.
Each searching for our own mountains to climb.

Looking back, I wish I had reached that rocky peak.
Mountain climbing is hard work,
And is not meant to be done alone.

by Cody McCullough

IMG_0525 (2)

Photo by Cody McCullough

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  1. Andrew Ocean

     /  March 21, 2013

    Walk the beach; it’s easier.

    • Cody McCullough

       /  March 21, 2013

      You’re right about that. Fortunately, I’ll be at the beach in two days….

  2. Interesting! You tried and did your best and that is what really matters 🙂

  3. Cody, this is beautiful. Mountains are hard to climb by yourself and sometimes we never make it to the top – but i have discovered the view is awesome at any height! and a pretty view is what makes many people feel the need to climb a mountain:)

    • Cody McCullough

       /  March 22, 2013

      The view from the top is great. In the end, I suppose it is more meaningful when it is a shared view.

      • yes, you are right – shared is the best, but it does not always work out that way.

  4. Lovely stuff, Cody. Such meaningful words.

  5. Sometimes the soul puts its foot down and demands to be heard.

    • Cody McCullough

       /  March 22, 2013

      You are right about that. Thank you for the comment.


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