The Wholeness of Being

Euphoria has embraced me.
The wholeness of being,
Finally realized.

What’s next?
I no longer care.
I have reached the plateau.

Falling off the edge,
Is no longer a concern.
It simply does not matter.

If I do fall,
I will not fear;
Finality is reality.

It is inevitable,
And should be embraced.
For I have reached the climax.

It was wonderful,
And I would not trade
It for anything.

I lived.
It was beautiful,
And short.

The alternative
Is much,
Much, less desirable.

Perhaps, my words
Will sit upon the plateau forever.
Perhaps, they will be dismissed.

Either way,
I gave them life,
And there is nothing greater.

by Cody McCullough


13 thoughts on “The Wholeness of Being

    1. I think I know how you feel. I wrote this one as I was nearing the completion of this entire poetry project. I was so relieved and happy to reach the end of the journey that I came up with this poem to express how I felt. I couldn’t help, but add in the “falling off the edge” part. Of course, I didn’t know at the time that the project would morph into something bigger. It’s funny how that works. As soon as you finish one project, you begin another….

    1. Mostly I just neurotically worry that people will not like my work, or style. I’m glad to hear that there is warmth to it. Sometimes I just need to take a step back, and trust myself. Of course if I were better at that, I probably wouldn’t have written anything in the first place….

      1. You’re right. You are probably the best critic of your own work, as they say. So take heart, mate. Your gut-feeling, I’d say, is about right 🙂

  1. It is inevitable,
    And should be embraced.
    For I have reached the climax.

    I love how you worded this!! What a beautiful but true writing! Also thank you for liking my poem.

    1. Thank you. I used to be afraid of put my writing “out there,” but not anymore. All I had to do was nearly die, so that I could realize there is nothing to be afraid. Too bad I didn’t realize that all along….

  2. Hi Cody, I like your style too. Soothing to read ,and nurtured…somehow. I not only like your verse but its presentation.

    And the following …. nice! When a poem comes alive, takes on a personality of its own…. you have done it!

    “Either way,
    I gave them life,
    And there is nothing greater” This is so TRUE!

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