The Journey Concludes…

Like the sun slowly setting in the west,
All journeys must conclude one day
Leaving only a path of frail footprints.

Perhaps, watching the final sunset
One comes to realize that preservation
Depends on how well the path was tended.

In the end, one cannot go back
And care for a path that was unkempt.
The past cannot be changed.

Soon the present and future will merge,
Like the last fiery sliver of sunshine
Melting into the horizon.

In this moment, perhaps, the journey moves inward
And begins again; giving us one last opportunity
To relive the entire path in a single flash.

What a wonderful experience that would be,
A convergence of the events of a lifetime
In a brief moment of enlightenment and awe.

A momentous and brief parade of all that was,
All that is, and all that will ever be,
Sending us off to the great beyond.

by Cody McCullough


Photo by Cody McCullough

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  1. thesanctuaryofmyheart

     /  April 14, 2013

    Thank you for the “like” on my poem….it let me find your blog!! Cannot wait to read more! 😀

    • Cody McCullough

       /  April 14, 2013

      I’m glad you came by to check out my blog. I hope you like what you read.

  2. Reblogged this on callogan24.

  3. Beautiful Cody:)

  4. Very Weighty. Full of truth. Well portrayed.

    • Cody McCullough

       /  April 14, 2013

      Thank you for your comment. I had a lot to wrap up with this poem. It is weighty, which is exactly what I was going for. I’m happy with the way it closes out “The Future.”

      • Youre welcome. It says something of great importance and is impressively metered . I like it a lot. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Beautiful and haunting words. Love it! My favorite so far.

    • Cody McCullough

       /  April 15, 2013

      I’m glad you like it. Thank you for your comment.

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