The Last Hurrah

DSCF0763 (2)

        I hope you liked it.  I’m not going to lie, it took a lot of work.  It’s not quite over yet, though.  There is still one post that remains a mystery: the final post of The Past, Present, and Future.  The “Lost in Time” collection, well, it has been sliced and diced and sent to the four corners of the world (otherwise known as publishing purgatory).  The final post, however, is near.  The post contains a poem.  It is one of 23 from the “Lost in Time” collection.  Personally, I believe it is a fitting farewell.  That being said, join me on June 3rd, one more time, for the last hurrah.

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  1. Where are you going?

  2. Cody McCullough

     /  May 23, 2014

    Nowhere. I’m just shifting toward another project.

  3. I’ll be there, well technically here but somewhere there, wherever there is in cyberspace. It has been a rollercoaster journey sir!

    • Cody McCullough

       /  May 26, 2014

      Wherever you’ll be, I’ll be glad to have you. Thanks for all the great comments, and for enduring the bumpy ride.

  4. See you then!

  5. Go Get It. Good Luck to you,
    Aquileana 😀

    • Cody McCullough

       /  June 16, 2014

      Thanks for the timely support. Today, time finally became available again for me. I suppose I’d better make the most of it. Books don’t write themselves….

  6. All the best for your new project!

    • Cody McCullough

       /  October 13, 2014

      I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel, or should I say, cave. Either way, the time for me to emerge from darkness is near.


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