How Long is Too Long?

        So how long is too long, anyway?  I suppose the answer to that question depends on the topic being discussed.  For a writer, length most likely means one of two things: pages, or the time it takes to complete a project.  The answer to both questions is simple: find a happy medium.

        When it comes to pages, I have no problem reading, or writing, a long work as long as it is interesting.  It’s when a work drones on and on without getting to the point that I lose interest.  I believe that there needs to be a happy medium between an author painting a picture in the mind, and the reader painting their own picture based on the details and description of the work.  Basically it comes down to not overdoing, or underdoing it (as so many things do in life).

        With regard to the time it takes to complete a project, well, I’ve certainly learned a lot.  When I first started writing my book, I figured a year and I’d be done.  All I can do is smile about that now.  It takes what it takes.  Still, though, I suppose there must be a happy medium between a year and pulling a Salinger and taking half a lifetime to complete your follow-up works.  The lesson that I’ve learned is not to worry about deadlines and timelines.  Instead, worry about the words.  If the words are good, then there’s nothing to worry about.

        Hopefully in the future, I’ll have nothing to worry about.  If it doesn’t work out that way, oh well.  Life is meant to be lived, not avoided.  It’s just something that you can’t get away from….