Reversing Entropy

Entropy (2)
Photo by Cody McCullough

        Change is inevitable, but is chaos?  According to entropy, everything gradually declines into disorder, or chaos; ergo chaos is inevitable.  That should make the villains of the world happy.  Just like a sappy comic book, though, I believe the villains will inevitably be disappointed in the end.  That is because I believe in the idea of reversing entropy.

        So, just how do you reverse entropy?  My answer: the same way that you write, grow a business, raise a family, or do just about anything meaningful in the world.  Put simply: embrace change.  Change is inevitable, there is no getting around that.  That’s why you can never rest on your laurels.  If you want to be successful at anything, you have to grow and evolve over time.

        What does that have to do with entropy?  My answer: everything.  It’s not nature that leads to disorder, it’s what goes against nature that falls apart in the end.  From what I can see, nature is actually quite ordered.  From the stars and the Universe above, all the way down to our cells and atoms, order is everywhere.  It’s the human world where disorder is rampat.  Why?  Mostly, I think, it is because we like to create things.  Every creation, though, ultimately has its end.  Even the pyramids of Giza will not last forever.  All human creations, eventually lose their battle with time; ergo nature wins in the end.  Which in my mind, is actually order winning.

        No need to worry, though, as humans derive from nature meaning we are not disorder incarnate.  It’s only our creations that represent disorder.  Thanks to the process of evolution we will be fine, our children will be fine, and their children will be fine.  The deck I plan to build onto my house next summer, however, probably won’t survive three more generations (especially if the Oregon rain has anything to say about it).  Decks just aren’t natural in the wild….

        So, what’s the point?  Simply put: embrace change and subsequently increase your cerebral capacity instead of slowly letting it slip away.  When it comes to writing, and just about everything else, we need to evolve along with nature and the world around us.  If we don’t, nature will pass us by just like my future deck.  Be a lifelong learner, be inquisitive, ask questions, seek the truth, and above all, never think that you know everything.  You don’t.  It’s impossible.  If you spend some time at the library, either virtually or physically, you may just find that you know more today than you did yesterday.  If that is the case, then you’re probably ready to write, and ready to join me in the battle to reverse entropy.

Photo by Elizabeth McCullough