Poem for my Dad

In My Father’s Eyes

by Cody McCullough

In my father’s eyes
I see blue

I see the past
I see Christmas morning

The desert
The deer

I see love
I see my dad

In my father’s eyes
I see warmth

I see the present
I see the unseen      

The memory
The Marine

I see love
I see my dad

In my father’s eyes
I see us all

I see the future
I see the grandkids

The family
The friends

I see love
I see my old man

In my father’s eyes
I see me

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The Last Sliver of Light

IMG_5205 (2)

        As the last sliver of light disappears somewhere beneath the sea, I sit and ponder while the world fades to black.  The silver moon has yet to rise and bring its dull illumination to the dark night sky.  It’s too dark to type now, so I turn off my laptop.

        I’ll type more in the morning, or perhaps when the moon rises, I think.  Or, I suppose, I could wait a bit longer.  It’s all just semantics now anyway, I continue with my thoughts. When the time comes, and inspiration arises again, I’ll be ready.

        Now, though, the day has ended and my mind is clear.  Another time will surely come, I think.  The sea slithers out as I stand up.  Tucking my laptop under my arm, I begin walking along the sandy beach.  Yes, another time will surely come, I think.  I can feel it in my bones. Then again, maybe it’s just the cool ocean air….

Lost in Time

lost in time
i float

forever searching
for my home

neither past,
nor present,
nor future
embrace me

all turn
and drift away

forever searching
for my home

i turn
and drift away

by cody mccullough


IMG_1184 (2)

Photo by Elizabeth McCullough

The Last Hurrah

DSCF0763 (2)

        I hope you liked it.  I’m not going to lie, it took a lot of work.  It’s not quite over yet, though.  There is still one post that remains a mystery: the final post of The Past, Present, and Future.  The “Lost in Time” collection, well, it has been sliced and diced and sent to the four corners of the world (otherwise known as publishing purgatory).  The final post, however, is near.  The post contains a poem.  It is one of 23 from the “Lost in Time” collection.  Personally, I believe it is a fitting farewell.  That being said, join me on June 3rd, one more time, for the last hurrah.

Coming Full Circle

   When the journey concludes, time begins anew and you find yourself right back where you began.  With the exception of time and perspective, of course.  Followers of my blog may have noticed that the photo for “The Journey Begins…” and “The Journey Concludes…” are taken from the same location, a shrine in Japan.  “The Journey Begins…” photo is taken as one looks out from the shrine; while “The Journey Concludes…” photo is taken as one arrives back at the shrine and looks inward.  This symbolizes the journey coming full circle, or the end of The Past, Present, and Future.

   Sometimes, though, life grants you a reprieve.  A second chance to pursue the journey, only with a glimpse of truth in your back pocket.  Such a chance, could only be described as A New Beginning…  Writing a story that deals with such a theme, though, is a journey unto itself.  So, it came as no surprise that writing A New Beginning… has come with many twists and turns.

   As I have mentioned before, much of my writing comes from the dark cave in my mind.  One day, as I lit a torch and headed into the cave, I saw a mark left by a certain “Joe” that pointed in a different direction.  That mark, though, led away from the task at hand.  What’s a writer to do when they find themselves in such a conundrum?  Fortunately for me, one of the major themes that I’ve been writing about is time.  Having thought about time a great deal, in order to master its essence in my writing, I knew that it was on my side.  With the warm light of my torch shining down upon the mark, I examined it thoroughly.  Understanding my new path, I then slid through the damp cave walls on my journey to a new destination.  When I arrived, I found 23 lost poems: The poems that time forgot.  I also found my lost influences there.

   In the days that followed, I lugged each poem out of the dark cave and brought each to life.  After finishing the last poem, I realized that I had found the lost treasure in my mind.  The missing piece of the The Past, Present, and Future.  I had just completed the “Lost in Time” collection.  The final, and previously missing, piece of The Past, Present, and Future.  In the days that followed, I revised the original 70 poems and combined everything.  The entire “compilation,” as I like to call it, is now complete.

   With my poetry now whole, it is time to finish the book.  When that will come, I do not know.  After all, I have a new time line to introduce….   One thing that I do know, is that my lost influences still need to be lugged out of the dark cave.  There are three of them, but they’re not like the others.  No, they’re all together different.  I’ve lugged out a few parts, but each influence is a bit heavier than the previous lot.  I suppose, I’ll need more time to compose each.  A month should do.  I imagine the third day of the month would be as good a time as any to release each.  Please come back on 3/3, 4/3, and 5/3 for the unveiling of each.  After that, I suppose I’ll just have to let you know what I plan to do with my compilation.  Oh, I suppose you’ll want to know where I am at with A New Beginning… as well.  Barring anymore detours, I should make good progress between now and then.  That is, as long as I remember that time is on my side….

A New Year

   Today, a new year begins.  In 2014 I have big plans, and I am cautiously optimistic that those plans will come to fruition before the year closes out.  Of course, you never know what the future may hold.  One thing is certain, though, I will be wrapping up The Past, Present, and Future this year.   It has been a stimulating journey for me, but I suppose the time has come for the last fiery sliver of sunshine to melt away into the horizon as the journey concludes.

   With time comes perspective, and much perspective may be gained from coming full circle.  Traversing through space on a 365 day journey around a giant orb of nuclear fusion tens of thousands of light years away from the center of the galaxy, our little planet has indeed come full circle.  On February 3rd, my blog will have come full circle as well.

   As that anniversary date nears, I am excited to both wrap up The Past, Present, and Future and begin my next project.  Needless to say, it has been an interesting ride.  You never know where, or when, you may find yourself, when you let your imagination loose.  I hope everyone enjoyed this project, and will enjoy the next one.  Please join me on February 3rd, to discover what the future holds.


Photo by Elizabeth McCullough

i am only me

thinking of three lost influences

known only to me

on a cold autumn night

i look at the stars above me

the wind whispers

upon the last leaves

and i know

i am only me

by Cody McCullough

And so it continues…

        Crawling out of the metaphorical tunnel that is my writing process, an epiphany occurred to me: Time is irrelevant, it always has been.  “A New Beginning…” has always existed, will exist, and has already ceased to exist.  That being the case, I have nothing more to write; yet everything to write.  February 3rd will arrive, and fade, just as all days eventually do.  When the time comes, I have no doubt that it will fade the way I always knew it would….

        With regard to my writing progress, the novel is now 1/3 of the way to completion.  Go figure, that 2/3 of the novel still floats around in the backwater of my consciousness….  Each chapter that flows from my mind, frees my focus.  In the end, my mind will be clear and ready to tackle seven adventures.  That, of course, is a story for another day….

        In the meantime, I seek to wrap up what began more than half-a-year ago.  “The Past, Present, and Future,” eventually will come to a close.  From every ending, though, there is “A New Beginning…”  Next week, the journey continues on its path to what can only be described as its ultimate climax.  The reader, of course, will be the final judge.

        As of yet, I have focused on verse.  Prose, though, has always been a shadowy figure lurking at the poker table of life.  Finally revealing itself to be a chimera, the figure has called my bet.  Now, it is my turn to answer.  In the upcoming weeks, I will unveil my film influences followed by my literary influences.  Each of which, will shed new light on my novel and my writing process in general.

        Years from now, this little project may only be a footnote, or a non-starter.  On the flip side, it may be everything that I always purported it would be.  If you’ve liked my poetry, you should know that I have worked to make the novel its perfect genetic match (or if you like, the Yang to the poet’s Yin).  It hasn’t been an easy task, but it sure has sparked my creative juices.  I suppose there are worse ways to indulge one’s self.   “A New Beginning…” will be finished in the coming months.  It is only a matter of time….

        Join me, starting on August 11th, for a weekly countdown to the end.  Five film influences, followed by five literary influences, followed by yet another project.  In the end, much will be revealed.  Still, though, only the novel will illuminate the true meaning of: “The Past, Present, and Future.”  For now, I leave you with one more poem:

Life Springs Eternal

laying on
the floor

an epiphany

death becomes
the man

life forsakes

yet we
press on

today I died
tomorrow I rest

peace becomes
a reality

that I cannot

honest expression

all that is

and all that
has escaped

revealing a truth
not yet realized

and not soon

life springs


Photo by Elizabeth McCullough

Interlude 4

        With my poetry and musical influences now in the past, it is time to look to the future.  I’m very excited for my upcoming film and book influences, as they will shed the most light on the little project that I call “A New Beginning…”.  Interestingly enough, I recently dreamt up a major plot twist for “A New Beginning…”.  That plot twist, of course, came after I ran into a major roadblock.  It’s funny how that works (sometimes you get what you need after all)….  Needless to say, I’m excited to continue traveling through the tunnel of light that is the writing process.

        As my vision narrows, and the tunnel surrounds me, my focus has turned toward reaching a new milestone.  That being the case,  I’ve decided to take a short break from this blog.  I’m guessing 2 to 3 weeks should just about do it (or, perhaps, I’ll need 17 days, but I digress…).

        In the meantime, I will leave you on a playful note: Traveling through the dark for an eternity, I achieved great satisfaction while reading the tales of Trojans in The Illiad and Shakespearean lines such as “All the World’s a Stage”; yet it’s more than a feeling that madness has led me on this radioactive journey to the road not taken.  You have to have a little fun every now and again.  Otherwise, what’s the point?  Anyway, I’ll be back in a few short weeks.

IMG_2630 (2)

Photo by Elizabeth McCullough


        Now that “The Past, Present, and Future: a Compilation of Free Verse” has come to a close, I would like to thank everyone who helped make this blog a reality.  At the beginning of the collection, I included a dedication to all of my muses.  As I mentioned in the preface, these poems were generated from the thoughts and ideas that have been floating through my consciousness for some time.  Those thoughts and ideas, though, would have been quite different if it hadn’t been for my muses.  For that, I thank each muse.

        I would also like to thank my wife for all of the wonderful photographs that were included in “The Past, Present, and Future.”  More than 30 of the photos in this collection were taken by Elizabeth.  Each photo added to the blog immensely, and I am very thankful that she was willing to let me use them in my blog.  So much so, that I added one more for today’s post.

        Next, I would like to thank everyone who read my poems.  I appreciate each one of you, and I am very thankful for all of the thoughtful comments my blog received.  It makes me feel good to know that so many people read and enjoyed my work.  I am also thankful for all of the blog award nominations that I received.  I am very honored.

        During the course of this blog, my words traveled far and wide.  As of today, my blog has been viewed more than 6,000 times, in more than 60 countries, and has more than 600 followers.  Not bad for 70 poems in 74 days.  It has been quite a journey.

        Lastly, I would like to spend a little time explaining my poetry writing process.  In my newspaper writing days, I tried to be as objective as possible.  When it came to writing poetry, though, my ultimate responsibility was to the story I was trying to tell through each poem.  That being the case, I did not feel the need to be objective or tell things as they actually happened.  Instead, I wrote each poem as it was meant to unfold.  The result was a combination of reality and imagined reality.  It was a fun process, but in no way should anything be interpreted literally.  I always intended for my work to be interpreted metaphorically.  With that, I bid you all adieu.


Photo by Elizabeth McCullough