My Poetry Collection


        Beginning in 2013, I published my first compilation of poetry on this site.  Below, I have included links to each of my poems.  Since publishing the original compilation, I have composed a fourth collection: the Lost in Time collection.  After taking some time off to work on another writing project, I have returned to publish the rest of Lost in Time on this site.  I hope that you enjoy my work.  Also, don’t forget to let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

The Past, Present, and Future: A Compilation of Free Verse Poetry

Collection I: The Past 
The Past 1
Ancient Eyes 2
Four Boys 3
Just Like Twins 4
Mother’s Soup 5
Mother’s Expectations 6
Dad, Where Have You Gone? 7
Children, Where Have You Gone? 8
Our Decision 9
Fly Away 10
Losing an Extended Family 11
Monotheistic Sunrise 12
The People’s Tribune 13
Near Death 14
Footsteps 15
Constantinople 16
The Footbridge 17
The Humble Man 18
The Forgotten Realm 19
Falling Leaves 20
The Intersection 21
The Wasteland 22
The Journey Begins…. 23

Collection II: The Present

The Present 1
The Mystery of Time 2
Day by Day 3
The Tall Firs Are Dancing Today 4
What’s Missing? 5
Interest Rates 6
Historically Speaking 7
Sleepless Nights 8
Walking Down a Sidewalk 9
Learning To Let Go 10
My Children 11
A Cloudy Day 12
The Lost Garden 13
Control 14
Amongst the Cosmos 15
Family 16
Fantasy Worlds 17
Mēdén Ágan 18
Aristotle’s Absence 19
Faces 20
The Lost Children 21
The Society of Inimitable Livers 22
The Journey Continues…. 23

Collection III: The Future 

The Future 1
Soon, You’ll Understand 2
The New Generation 3
The Answer 4
The United Democratic Republicans 5
Population Zero 6
Kingdom of Heaven 7
Nero’s Future 8
Into the Great Abyss 9
The Beast Within… 10
The Final Verdict 11
The Sacred Angels 12
The  Wholeness of Being 13
The Number 14
The Dark Path 15
The Empire Falls 16
Reinvention 17
A New Age 18
The Cool Morning Air 19
Awareness 20
My Apologies 21
The Convergence 22
The Journey Concludes…. 23

The End 

The End of Time 

Collection IV: Lost in Time*

Lost in Time 1
? 2
The Painful Walk 3
? 4
The Game 5
Life Continues—Unconquered 6
The Thread 7
The Search 8
At the Lake 9
Drift Away 10
I Love Much 11
Eternal Day 12
Exhaustion (Modern Day) 13
The Plain 14
Embrace 15
Here and Now 16
Another Dimension 17
The Muses 18
Frozen Heart 19
Last Day 20
Everything Revealed 21
i am only me 22
now i know 23

*Poems 2 and 4 of Lost in Time have been included in my upcoming novel. As such, they’ll have to remain lost in time for now.


9 thoughts on “My Poetry Collection

  1. Hi, Cody, It’s great of you to share your gift of poetry with the world. And, thank you for stopping by my blog and giving a Like to a post. Looking forward to reading your poems.

  2. Hello Cody! Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking out my latest short fiction piece. I see that you are a poet and I cannot wait to read your poetry. I will follow and try to catch up!

  3. Good news. I appreciate that you will catch up. I do have some new poetry too. I’m just waiting for the right number. Thank you for you comment.

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